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Our heart is ministry on and off the stage.   We want people to know that we are real. You will often see us talking and having a good ol' time getting to know people before  and after our concerts. We are all in this  journey together called life. It takes all of us to make a difference! Our music and lyrics reflect the trials  we've been through, the people we've met, the joys and sorrows of life...but most importantly at the heart of our music is the Love and Truth that comes from Jesus. We are thankful that God is using us to reach a hurting and lost generation through the media of music. Our name Deep Renewal stands for a RENEWAL of EVERYTHING ... heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. Because of God's miraculous grace, we can receive His miracle of love into our hearts and be transformed from the inside out. God's love and truth have the power to change and RENEW our lives. We pray that You will be blessed as you listen to our music... that God will do a Deep Renewal in your heart and life. To the Journey! ~

Michelle and Melissa

Deep Renewal

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