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What is the P.U.R.E GENERATION?

The P.U.R.E GENERATION are those who are committed to living a life of Purity, a life that is Uncompromising in the truth of God’s word, possessing a Radical LOVE that strives to mimic that of Christ, and that this life of True purpose and God given destiny is for available for EVERYONE! Living a P.U.R.E life calls us out of our comfort zones. It calls us to be warriors, to be heroes, rescuers, to fulfill our God-given destiny, to take risks, to be adventurous and to love fully. It is a life of purpose and passion. It is a life that is truly lived. It is a life that leaves a legacy and it is a life that follows the call and leading of Christ. Learn how to live a P.U.R.E life and how to impact your world for Christ! 

This honest and thought provoking devotional tackles hard topics that effect generations young and old as well as practical ways revealing how you can an IMPACT your world!


It's the late 1800's and Noel Gaston has traveled from her hometown of Palmero, Italy to Sicily to take over her deceased grandfather's estate. She arrives to find the once beautiful mansion in a dilapidated state, badly in need of repairs. She is overwhelmed, but quickly finds help in the form of two "would be" suitors; one a friend from the past, and the other a handsome stranger with whom she seems to share an instant connection. The story takes hidden twists and turns as Noel uncovers pieces of a puzzle her grandfather left behind. With a greedy politician after her house, two suitors vying for her affections, and the elusive map on her mind, Noel soon discovers what it takes to uncover the mystery surrounding DeMarco's map!


Most people believe in their own way that GOD exists, but what do we believe about JESUS?  Who was HE? Was He the Savior of the World as He claimed to be? or just a good man…  a great teacher or perhaps a deluded prophet Many historians have differing points of views,  but they all agree on this one thing.  That a man named Jesus existed in Real time and Real space.  But who was He?  And why is there still so much controversy today?    Was He merely a mortal man… Or truly the Son of God?

Let’s take this Journey together


On the rise of becoming an epidemic, Lyme Disease is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses plaguing our 21st century. Co-infections and symptoms present a case for many disease processes making diagnosis difficult. The three stages of Lyme are most often recognized in retrospect as the disease makes its way throughout the body's systems.* This book is the result of personal experience and many years of study and research. Michelle Tonkin ND does a superb job educating and presenting information, offering recommendations, and exploring cutting edge treatments of both conventional and alternative medicine. Her desire is that the reader will make informed educated decisions and take an active role in regaining their health.*


"That's The Key. Unlocking the Door to Health and Freedom in Every Area of Your Life" is the result of several years of study, research, and personal experience. The authors, Michelle Tonkin, ND, and Melissa Tonkin, CNC, offer invaluable insight and cutting-edge natural healing solutions that will truly transform your life. Also included are natural remedies and recommendations for a wide variety of health conditions. 

Is your life missing passion or joy?

Do you crave exciting challenges, but find no lasting happiness?

Are you at a loss for direction in your life?

Do you feel you have lost your purpose?

"The Hero-ine Within, Finding Fulfillment in your Purpose" will help you not only to answer these questions, but will encourage, inspire, and challenge you to become the hero-ine that you were destined to be!

"The Hero-ine Within" has a message for every women regardless of background, age, shape, or size. You have been on a mission from birth to realize your God-given call... to be the hero-ine in your world! No one else can take your place or fulfill this challenge!

As a Man think poster pic.jpg

Our world is in a constant state of chaos. Everywhere you turn there are messages filled with confusion, chaos, anxiety, and fear. How do we cut through all the noise? How can we have peace in our heart and mind?


As a Man Thinks… Changing Our World By Changing Our Thoughts This devotional aims to share important life altering truths that deal with: where thoughts come from, how our thoughts become our actions, roots of mental illness, generational ties, nutritional aspects, and the power of God’s word.

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