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Renewal Films is part of a vision to bring faith based scripts to life.  We desire to partner with experienced movie producers who are like minded in their desire to see these types of movies being made.  There's enough negative in the world and I believe people are searching for something MORE in the entertainment industry.   Let's be the voice that draws people to the love and grace of Jesus.


Crossing Over Movie

Current FILMS

Film Reel

Crossing Over

Crossing Over is based on the true life story of Ellie Collins… This is her inspirational story of how she survived and made it out of abuse and the human trafficking industry. Her perilous journey is gripping and eye opening taking the audience from victim to victor and showing how God can change a life that was once destined for destruction.

DeMarco's Map

DeMarco's Map Book

One women's desperate attempt to save her late
grandfather's house thrusts her into the middle of a daring hunt for legendary treasure.

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