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One Way Ticket-Deep Renewal
Fill Me Up
Let Me In Your World


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One Way Ticket

Deep Renewal's Newest! CD” “One Way Ticket!”  (16 Original Songs- One Way Ticket,  I'm Free, Because of You, Worthy of My Praise, King Jesus, Legends, Let it Fall, In the Storm, Your Name, Save Me, Never Alone, I am Because of You, Love Me Like you Used To, Caught Up, Story (God So Loved), All the Praise.

Available to Stream/Download on ALL PLATFORMS!



Deep Renewal CD” “TREASURE”  (18 Original Songs- Reborn,  Everyday Heroes, Treasure, Everything, I've Got You, Healing Jesus, Why Worry, Peace Like a River, Everything Good in my Life, Wonder Why, Declares Your Glory, Love Without You, In the Light, Battle For Your Soul, Hold Me, Alive, Come and Dance (Rockin' Swing), Step into Your Love

*Additional Songs available for free download!

*His Love

*Everything Remix (Tom Davidson Remix) 

Entire Album available for free download on Soundcloud!

Fill Me up

Deep Renewal CD” “Fill Me Up”  (16 Original Songs- If I Cried,  I Dance For You, You Are Love, Hold My World, You Love Me, Fill Me Up, You Are Beautiful, Jesus, You Are My God, Undone, I'm Saved, Open My Eyes, I am Here, Forgiven, Father's Song, One Day) (+ 3 additional songs available for free digital download: Shofar Scripture Reading,You Bless My Life (acoustic version), I Dance For You (Tom David Remix).   

Free Download on SOUNDCLOUD!

Let me in your world

10 Original Songs, Let Me in Your World. Not Ashamed.Bearer of Your Name. Take Me Back. Shining, Hiding Place. I Will Praise You. You Love Me. Flying Free. Everyday.


12 Original Songs: Floodgates.Your Love is my Life.Around Me.Say Goodbye.Run This Race.Alone. In Your Arms. Runnin' to You.You Bless My Life.Walk the Line.You Are Wonderful. Run This Race (Remix)

Download the entire Fill Me Up & Treasure albums for FREE! on Soundcloud!

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